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Jan 16, 2009

Home means from a tooth pain

You, probably, represent, that such a tooth pain. And what such a strong tooth pain? It torment, distracting from all businesses and not giving of rest during the whole day. It is natural, that it would be better to not lead up before.
Home means from a tooth pain:
1. To rinse, detaining in a mouth longer, insist to vodka of a root Aira marsh.
2. Rub the gums by juice plantain. As to rinse a mouth insist of this grass, from what the teeth will is more strong.
3. To put on the patient a tooth a slice sorrel horse.
4. Finely cut  a slice of a bulb to turn in thin saccate and to put in  ear on the party opposite by , where there is a patient a tooth.
5. Finely cut slice of a garlic to turn in rag both to put and to adhere on pulse at  wrist with opposite the parties of the patient of a tooth.
For restoration of a fortress weak gums, each day is necessary is even one slice of a garlic.

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