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Jan 16, 2009

How to struggle with a sleeplessness!

More often sleeplessness is expressed that the man long can not fall asleep or the awakening comes considerably before usual term, and the dream during night some times interrupts on long time; in other cases the dream can be long, but unsufficiently deep.
Incidentally sleeplessness can be and at the healthy people at overfatigue or mental excitation. In the people with raised nervous excitation the infringement of dream is caused even by the most insignificant reasons. The sleeplessness can be long, exhausting, when the superficial dream is accompanied by bright dreams, sometimes of dreadful character. She can be caused also by various diseases of general character accompanying with frustration the movement of blood or nervous system, attacks of cough etc.
The people constantly engaged in intellectual work especially often suffer by a sleeplessness. Many from them it is irrational  overtax of force, overtire. Among them many fans are artificial to encourage themselves by tea and coffee of the raised concentration. But it relieves of weariness only on time, the exhaustion thus is not removed and continues to grow. To not test a nervous sleeplessness, it is necessary to avoid on evenings of the intense intellectual job and employment stimulating nervous system.
For the prevention of occurrence of a sleeplessness it is necessary to lie down and to rise at the same o'clock, observing natural for  organism a biological rhythm. It is best early to lie down and early to rise.
Home Remedies And Natural Cures:
1. To drink for night a glass of hot sweet water, or hot milk, but not of tea. Or glass hot  tincture valerian of a root (for tincture to take a tea spoon of a root on a glass of boiled water to give to be insisted in glasswares of minutes twenty and to drink).
2. To put under a pillow a handful of hops.
3. To adhere on forehead in a cloth of pureclay stirred in sour curdled milk.
4. Before dream to resemble on fresh air from half an hour.
For the persons with the excessively upset nervous system, when the man, despite of all accepted measures, does not sleep by weeks, it is possible to apply such good means:
All bed to make to him of a black material - bedsheet, blanket, pillowcase, night shirt - all black. And if it is possible to paint even in a black paint (but not oil) walls of his room. It gives surprising results: the people, months suffering by a persistent sleeplessness quietly fall asleep.
To put under a pillow a birch broom.

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