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Jun 17, 2009

Useful materials for the masks of wrinkles and recipes for their homes!

Timely and appropriate care for centuries, with a healthy lifestyle, can prevent premature wilting them, to keep the attraction. Keep an eye on the purity of age, wash them in the wash, carefully wash the corners of the eyes, where the accumulated allocation, and dust.

The main reason for lightning formation process of small wrinkles - dry skin age. Therefore, the focus of care should be at the humidifying.

Aloe Vera
This true «physician» skin and the source of moisture can be applied to stubborn areas such as corners of the eyes ( "crow's feet") or the cheeks and lips just before bedtime. Use virtually transparent juice from aloe vera leaves, or buy a stabilizing gel with 98% - 99% juice content of aloe vera for maximum effectiveness.

A very useful oil for the skin Century

The best way to wet the century - the natural oils. Easy, shake up ring finger into the skin a small amount of apricot, peach or almond oil. Useful as a good old-Grandmother's Body - lubricated at night eyelashes castor oil. Strengthened and eyelashes, and eyelids absorb 100% beneficial substances.

Nourishing mask against the «adult» wrinkles.
1 st. l. vitamin E oil solution mixed with 1 tablespoon. l. cocoa butter and sea buckthorn oil. Apply a heavy layer in the area of the upper and lower age and record in the area of education "crow's feet" appropriate size pieces of parchment or waxy paper. After 10-15 min wet cloth. Wrinkles substantially smooth. You may use up to 3 times a week. Apply at least 1,5-2 hours before sleep.

Use to moisten century jojoba oil, castor or olive oil. Apply around the eyes clockwise.

Compress of olive oil in combination with massage can help prevent premature wrinkles.
Massage century after the compress, you can make ice cubes, prepared from the broth of parsley. However, massage should be done very carefully!

Apricot oil is 100% oil from apricot seeds, produced by cold pressing. Contains triglycerides, natural wax, stearin, vitamin F. It has high biological activity, slows aging, prevents the appearance of wrinkles. Well absorbed and assimilated by the skin, deep-penetrating and feeding your skin Age to the deepest layers. Oil peach 100% oil of peach seeds obtained by cold pressing. Contains glitseridy palmitic, oleic acid and linolievoy. Due to the vitamin B15 that has a high biological activity, stimulates the processes and prevents the appearance of wrinkles.

Natural Mask of wrinkles under the eyes: 50 ml of olive oil mixed with 10 ml of oil solution of vitamin E and evening drive into the mixture ball in the skin around the eyes for 5 min. after thoroughly remove excess oil paper towel.

Herbal oil for wrinkles of age: take 1 hour to dry spoon herbs: burdock, calendula,mint. A mixture of herbs to fill 50-100 gr. olive oil. Insist on the herb butter, 7 days in a dark place. Strain the finished herbal oil. Lubricate it with oil ever for 2-3 hours before sleep. Hold 5-10 min. And then the wet tissue excess oil.

To prevent wrinkles around the eyes: olive oil and a few drops of lemon - gently wriggle into your skin Age. After 5-10 minutes. remove the excess tissue.

How to get rid of cellulite in your own bathroom!

Care of the elasticity of skin, the beauty of your body needs all year round. These procedures are you up to snuff without difficulty at home, in your own bathroom. Index - regularly! This you can do itself!

One of the easiest things you can do to counter the insidious cellulite - to accustom themselves to the contrasting daily life, which greatly improves circulation. Pay special attention to problem areas (circumvention of the chest).

Start the procedure with cold water, hot finish required. During the shower, you can rub the body of cellulite brush or sponge. It should be made of natural bristles, preferably with a long handle. Massage is performed in the direction of the heart in circular motions, starting leg. After a shower, paid cellulite gel or cream.

In the struggle with cellulite help a 20-minute baths with the addition of sea salt, or dried seaweed. By adopting such procedures at least once a week, you can significantly improve the appearance of the skin, increasing its elasticity.

Very good milk bath. In a glass of milk to add a few drops of orange or lemon essential oil and a handful of bath salts. Fill the bathtub with warm water, pour mixture and Lie in 20 minutes.

It is very beneficial effect on skin scrub. As cleaner means of approach and the usual coffee, only natural, but not soluble. Take breaks fresh or already used and paid to the problem space cause mass massage. Leave for 5-10 minutes, then good wash away. Remember that any scrub is better to apply after bathing.

In addition to the bath to fight cellulite in the home can be a very effective anti-cellulite wraps. Masks-wrapping to do well at night. Apply medicine to problem sites and wrapped their polyethylene film. Top to put warm clothes, to move or Lie under a blanket to create termo effekt. 40 minutes later and struck wash away mix moisturizing cream. Can be used to wrap the clay, algae, mud, essential oils, honey.

Jun 7, 2009

How to get rid of cellulite at home !

In fight with "orange crust" will help the usual field herbs. Phytotherapy helps us from many ill, will help she us and at fight with cellulite.

Anti cellulite action render the baths with vegetable extract.

For this necessary to take 300г mixture from rubbed in equal proportion: field horsetail, lavender, rosemary, sage, marjoram, duschitsa, ivy. The Got mixture lower in bath with warm water (37-39 degrees). The Bath take around 15 minutes. The Procedure is recommended conducts not more than 2-h once at week.

To word to say, field horsetail - a present brining salvation circle in fight against cellulite. In composition of the field horsetail is kept 10% silicon acid, which plays the leadinging role in building collagen filament. The Extract of this plant is broadly used in facility against cellulite, due to high contents potassium. The Field horsetail capable to act upon shaping the fatty postponing, successfully slowing formation cellulite and spare volume on waistlines and hip.

The Bath with olive and orange mask against cellulite: divorce in olive butter; grease several drops of the orange butter and all that empty into the bath. Gradually cellulite will decrease. In process of the receiving the bath skin will tingle and this well.

The Home coffee mask for body from cellulite and fatty postponing: in coffee lees to add the blue clay and little water, better mineral. Massaging, inflict on mildly humid skin. Caffeine promotes disinteration of fat, but clay "extends" excess to liquids from subdermal fabrics Public facilities against cellulite.

The Essential oils from cellulite: take the essential oils - a grapefruit - 10 drops; the geranium - 8 drops; the bergamot - 10 drops; cinnamon - 3 dripped; the nutmeg - 5 drops. Inflict composition on problem-solving area and rub strong eager motion

Tooth whitening in home condition!

The White teeths are at present associated, first of all, to advantage and stability in lifes. The Persons, taking care of their own teeth and about its health, inspires the confidence and disposes to contact. Practically each Dental Clinic offers the facilities on Tooth whitening by means of modern medical facilities, however obtain the sparkling whitenesses a teeth possible and in home condition moreover several ways.

The most available and the most pleasing method Tooth whitening is a frequent use in food of the strawberries, as well as mouthwash to teeth cavity by lemon juice. Active bleaching material, being kept in berry and fruit, softly brightens enamel but the whole on two-four tones. The Similar result possible to reach if regularly clean the teeths by food soda, wood ash or river sand. It is Necessary to say that this method efficient only in the event of natural whiteness teeth, lost in consequence of careless care for them.

Actuated coal - a most sparing method Tooth whitening. You Take the tablet of coal, push aside it and clean this powder teeths. The Effect will immediately. Such procedure possible in the same way to pass 2-3 times at week.

The Toothpaste of the home preparation: one of the best facilities Tooth whitening in home condition - a toothpaste of your own preparation. Disturb the food soda, hydrogen peroxide, table salt and small quantity of the toothpaste - checked facility much effectively and harmless.

Popular bleaching pastes, promising «Hollywood» smile after pairs week using, are founded on the same principle of the defogging teeth from raid. Such procedures of the abrasive action useful to spend time from time, but rage all do not cost(stand). Too, the frequent using of such facilities brings about damage of enamel.

One more way - a mouthwash by solution hydrogen peroxide. After this procedures it is important what follows clean your teeth and rinse mouth thoroughly. But necessary to remember about that that hydrogen peroxide renders the destructive influence on teeth enamel. And no mouthwash from he will not rescue. After such "experiment" restore enamel will already impossible. So previously than dare on such step, weight all "for" and "against".