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Jun 7, 2009

Tooth whitening in home condition!

The White teeths are at present associated, first of all, to advantage and stability in lifes. The Persons, taking care of their own teeth and about its health, inspires the confidence and disposes to contact. Practically each Dental Clinic offers the facilities on Tooth whitening by means of modern medical facilities, however obtain the sparkling whitenesses a teeth possible and in home condition moreover several ways.

The most available and the most pleasing method Tooth whitening is a frequent use in food of the strawberries, as well as mouthwash to teeth cavity by lemon juice. Active bleaching material, being kept in berry and fruit, softly brightens enamel but the whole on two-four tones. The Similar result possible to reach if regularly clean the teeths by food soda, wood ash or river sand. It is Necessary to say that this method efficient only in the event of natural whiteness teeth, lost in consequence of careless care for them.

Actuated coal - a most sparing method Tooth whitening. You Take the tablet of coal, push aside it and clean this powder teeths. The Effect will immediately. Such procedure possible in the same way to pass 2-3 times at week.

The Toothpaste of the home preparation: one of the best facilities Tooth whitening in home condition - a toothpaste of your own preparation. Disturb the food soda, hydrogen peroxide, table salt and small quantity of the toothpaste - checked facility much effectively and harmless.

Popular bleaching pastes, promising «Hollywood» smile after pairs week using, are founded on the same principle of the defogging teeth from raid. Such procedures of the abrasive action useful to spend time from time, but rage all do not cost(stand). Too, the frequent using of such facilities brings about damage of enamel.

One more way - a mouthwash by solution hydrogen peroxide. After this procedures it is important what follows clean your teeth and rinse mouth thoroughly. But necessary to remember about that that hydrogen peroxide renders the destructive influence on teeth enamel. And no mouthwash from he will not rescue. After such "experiment" restore enamel will already impossible. So previously than dare on such step, weight all "for" and "against".

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