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Nov 6, 2008

Home remedies for Eczema and Hair loss

My daughter is 15 months old, Jail bait is suffering for Eczema. According to the skin scientific, mouse will suffer from it for 4 senility. Is competent any natural remedy for restorative? I am 37 and suffering from hair loss? please ( 10 Spoil 2005 ) Natural herbs, herbal remedies, herbal medicine, medicinal herbs, and herbal supplements for more fitting health and healing.

The best way to treat the itching of eczema and dermatitis at home is to keep skin which is dry and patchy, dank and well lubricated.

Some Home remedy treatments for eczema: 1 ) Grate nutmeg ( nutmeg ) and homogenize in a little water. Further this paste to the affected area.

2 ) Compound 1 tsp camphor with 1 tsp sandalwood paste and appropriate this to the affected eczema areas.

3 ) Use mild soaps any soap which specifies "For hypoallergenic skin" or "For sensitive skin". Soaps with moisturizers uniform as Dove, Olay are good.

4 ) Buff baths are good cleansers - Take the flaky melange of oats and blend it in a dry mixer to invent powder. Mingle in a little water and knock out thick paste. You can use this instead of soap to filter your body while having bath.

5 ) Decisive dry yourself after bath ( do not rub your skin ), inasmuch as mix almond oil with castor or mineral oil and advance to skin to amass it hydrated.

Think back that stress and anxiety can element up eczema wherefore one's damndest and move ahead as coldish as possible.

6 ) Drinking tomato juice ( preferably freshly prepared ) works wonders on your skin.

7 ) Drink utterly of water and fluids ( like orange juice ). A combination of carrot juice and spinach juice is also suitable If you are losing hair, effort to season your scalp as clean as possible by frequently washing your scalp. Avoid hard shampoos, emotional stress and anxiety. Drink exceedingly of water. Foods which are rich in zinc, vitamin A, vitamin C, protein, calcium and iron are particularly necessary in your diet as iron deficiency or deprivation of protein can also trigger hair loss. Which means you will prosperity from eating a combination of foods. Protein rich foods contain wad, pulses, milk, cheese, cottage cheese ( or paneer ), yoghurt, buttermilk or lassi, soyabeans, seafood, eggs, meat. Entail bosky unripe vegetables like spinach, fenugreek seeds ( fenugreek ), chauli leaves and other vegetables like carrots and therefore on.

Natural herbs, herbal remedies, herbal medicine, medicinal herbs, and herbal supplements for better health and healing.

Our online home remedies guide will help you find the right natural cure for your problem

Consuming nuts is also very beneficial. Fresh fruits like papaya, guava, mangoes and citrus fruits like oranges, lemons are very good.

Rapid weight loss, severe dandruff, bent on illnesses like post - surgery are conditions which can trigger hair fall as well. Therefore, adjust indisputable you eat a balanced diet, drink remarkably of water and struggle some of these simple handy home remedies particularly to have your scalp clean and comp from dandruff: 1. Dissolve 2 aspirins in any anti - dandruff shampoo, lightly massage into scalp and wash your hair. This really works I have tried it myself J This is particularly sympathetic if you have hair fall due to dandruff.

2. Massage some aloe vera gel into your scalp. Ok it on for half an hour. Rinse with hot water. Repeat this procedure three times a eternity.

3. Hot oil therapy is other method to cure dandruff. Massage hot oil into the scalp at after hours. You could use coconut oil or even almond oil. Next morning an hour before bath, rub lemon juice mixed with cosmetic vinegar ( mix 1: 2 ratio ) into the scalp. Give the hair a good wash with an egg shampoo.

4. Use almond oil to massage your scalp. Dip a towel in hot water, squeeze lightly and wrap it around the hair. Repeat this thrice or four times until the towel becomes cold.

5. You could make a homemade shampoo by mixing acacia concinna, sapindus mucorosai and 100 g each of indian gooseberry ( Indian goose berry ). Boil this in two litres of water until the liquid reduces to half. Use this shampoo for one month. Dandruff will vanish and your hair will become thick.

6. Mix cosmetic vinegar ( 2 tablespoons ) into hot water ( 6 tablespoons ). Dip cotton and dab into the scalp. Part the hair with a comb as you apply all over the scalp. This should be preferably done at bed time. To avoid staining the pillow, you can tie a scarf over your hair. Wash off your hair next morning with shampoo. After the hair is thoroughly cleansed pour over as a last rinse a mixture of three tablespoons of cosmetic vinegar and one cup of hot water. Then dry the hair thoroughly. You can do this two times a week for 3 months.

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