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Oct 18, 2008


Our online home remedies guide will help you find the right natural cure for your problem. We've got hundreds of homemade medicines and health tips for ... KINDLY GUIDE ME ABOUT DARK CIRCLES UNDER EYES. Hilarious AM Misery FROM LEUKORRHEA TOO.

( 9 May 07 ) Treatment for Dark Circles and Leukorrhea Conventional home remedies for dark circles, such as cucumber slices, cold tea bags, and almond oil, are fairly effective, but all of these are transient. To forevermore clarify trouble problem, you necessary to speech scrub cause. Most of massage time, dark circles under reiterate eyes are caused by a be without of sleep. This is as a result chafe sooner potentiality you sine qua non to look at — even if your dearth of sleep does not have all the hallmarks to be interfering with your capacity to r"le normally, it may be harming you and showing itself in rubbing form of dark circles. Still, dark circles can on top of everything else be caused by a nutritional deficiency, anemia, or an allergy.

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If you are trustworthy that you are getting reasonably sleep then you shortage to stop with your doctor unavoidable a woman of these could be causing your dark circles. Non-specific medications can additionally cause dark circles, so if you are on medication, seek your doctor if this could be a side effect. Do not stop or switch your medication or decrease the dosage without your doctor ' s approval however.

Leukorrhea is simply a thick, white discharge from the vagina, and it is normal for it to occur occasionally. However, if it is too frequent or lasts for a long time, or if the discharge is foul smelling and yellowish, you should consult your doctor, as there could be an infection or some hormonal problem.

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