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Oct 24, 2008

Heart ailment advice

Is slick a situation related to heart disease & drinking tea that would cause someone to die. This goes back 35 - 40 caducity & the person died seeing they drank tea while in the hospital. I don ' t know what type of heart disease or any other facts.

Heart ailment advice It is unheard of for a person to have a heart condition that is related to drinking tea and is impending in any way. If the person dies while having tea in a hospital, it could be that polished was some reason other than the tea important for the person ' s demise. If you do not have the facts behind the case, it becomes very tough to come up with a conclusive answer. It could be something as simple as the gospel that the person choked on the tea and died due to that.

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It could also be that the person was critically ill, close to eradication and that it was just a co - incidence that he or girl died just after having tea. In this case, it is not possible to hold the tea responsible for the person ' s death in any way.

If the person was admitted to the hospital for a heart problem, it is possible for you to dig out old records and determine this. Once you can get your hands on the records, it may be possible to get a clearer picture of exactly what went wrong and led to the person ' s death. You will be better able to decide if the person ' s demise was connected to drinking tea in this manner of enquiry.

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