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Oct 24, 2008

Holistic health fair offers alternative treatments

Ga. - An alternative to accustomed health care is gaining ground in Augusta!

Related Content Holistic health treatment bull's eye A health fair showcasing holistic and natural healing took place in Grovetown Saturday.

" It ' s great to be out in the moment of September and not be sniffing and snorting, " Jean Roper verbal.

Roper suffered from allergies for elderliness. So last Walk doll decided to stop using her allergy medication and fling an alternative, a compound of massage and other therapies.

" As a consummation of that I have eliminated all my allergies and have not taken shots in months, " Roper uttered.

Her alternative was a holistic or natural treatment using no chemicals. Its walkaway sparked her relaxation in other natural remedies. An lookout witch explored at the Holistic Health Fair Saturday.

" I guess I came just to see what is available through I would never have considering 2 or 3 senescence ago of using this type of alternative treatment, " Roper spoken.

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Our online home remedies guide will help you find the right natural cure for your problem

"It takes things that have been liable to us here on earth, " said event organizer, Shelly Morris.

Morris says holistic treatments are a better way to treat your body.

" If you use medicine they ' re chemicals and you ' re putting a synthetic thing into our organic body, " she said.

Vendors at the fair offered services ranging from natural childbirth to massage therapy, even holistic lawn care.

" You could actually bathe in our product! I wouldn ' t recommend it, but you could, " Shannon Thomas of EcoPro said.

And although Roper is not sure about all things holistic, she ' s interested in learning more.

" I know there's something to it, " she said.

There were about 20 vendors at the fair including the natural health office that treated Ropers allergies.

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