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Oct 25, 2008

hi i am from langkawi island




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Mix Jul 30, 2008 1: 16 pm    Post subject: hi i am from langkawi island

my name shahir from langkawi island,

Im part time internet marketer...


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Tie Jul 30, 2008 1: 23 pm    Post subject:

Yes, you already posted that.

I ' m sure your mother is proud that you spend your days in Taipei in an internet cafe posting randomly around the world for 7 US dollars a week.

Now go market me some internet.... and some egg foo yung.



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Incorporate Jul 30, 2008 1: 37 pm    Post subject:

For the record, for people who think that possibly I ' m a bit brutish, even if they are trolling auto spamming little scam artists, I ' d like to post this.

I used to be a relay operator for MCI / Verizon, and this is the sort of thing we were required by law to facilitate. Eventually I walked out, scamming small business owners and old ladies out of their money to send to Africa and China was not what was in the job description when I started the job. I thought that I was going to be working with deaf people to make their lives more socially normal.

http: / / deafness. about. com / b / 2004 / 04 / 23 / scam - artists - threatening - ip - relay - services. htm

So my sympathy level for any foreign scam is next to nil.


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Sat Aug 02, 2008 10: 19 pm    Post subject:

KypDurron wrote:


Rudeness is one thing... but getting your geography wrong is unforgiveable! Langkawi is in Malaysia. [ / icon_cool. gif]


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Sun Aug 03, 2008 5: 35 am    Post subject:

I didn ' t assume he was even telling the truth, so why bother to look up his purported address.

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