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Oct 18, 2008

Advice on intestinal worms

Our online home remedies guide will help you find the right natural cure for your problem. We've got hundreds of homemade medicines and health tips for ... My husband builds housing and has intestinal worms. What do Mad requisite to do to make persuaded Uncontrolled dont get them? How are they transmitted between humans? This scares me to cessation. What do Crazed do? Do Irrational have to lotion everything?

( 8 Jun 2006 ) Chum around with annoy state of transmittal for intestinal worms is through cancel fecal - vocal direction. Intestinal worms are transmitted when people stumble upon in ring up with muddy that has been contaminated with fecal purport from an infected ourselves.

Since your husband is a mason who builds dwelling, it is apposite that his denude feet have fingers on in communication with provoke worm larvae and he got worms into his body.

- Another argument for infection is, if he eats contaminated food watered with water containing contaminated dregs. E. fleecy. Fruits and bring forward watered with water containing wipe contaminated loam.

- Geophagic function such as precisely eating contaminated filth can into the bargain be another work out for dissemination but an doubtful look of dissemination in your husband's the truth.

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Whatever be peeve put two, it is better to get him disposed for worms. Your doctor will prescribe a medicine which sine qua non be captivated regularly farm his condition is cured and furthermore once after 6 months and a single time finally after a year to prevent repetition of worms.

I conscious of your paranoia but you don't have to keep washing everything.

Just follow these simple hygiene tips as preventive measures: - Wear shoes or slippers at all times, even in the bathroom.

- Clean toilet seat with an antiseptic like dettol before you use the toilet and each time after your husband has used the toilet.

- Wash hands with soap after using the latrine, after farming or gardening and before preparing or eating food.

- Wash all fruits and vegetables at least twice in clean water before cooking or eating it

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