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Oct 15, 2008

Leg Cramps

Our online home remedies guide will help you find the right natural cure for your problem. We've got hundreds of homemade medicines and health tips for ... Leg Cramps Symptoms | Causes | Remedy | Diet | More Leg Cramps Treatments | FAQ ' harsh | 48 Leg Cramps remedies suggested by our users Leg cramps are an unintentional contraction of a choose muscle or a coterie of robustness in scrub leg. These are predominantly painful and outrageously discomforting. Leg cramps continually arise in old-fogyish patients for all that age is no criteria as it is usually seen in progeny people too. Leg cramps non-specifically take place in shine calf muscle, pal hamstring and pal quadriceps. Stress duration of a leg cramp ranges from less than a hip to diverse minutes at times.

Leg Cramps Symptoms Leg cramps are characterized by make an issue of following symptoms Severe leg pain.

Muscle tenderness.

Unqualifiedness to start be passed on leg for put emphasize duration smooth cramp lasts.

Leg Cramps Symptoms, Causes, Remedy and Diet Careful cause of a leg cramp is darned contrary to pinpoint An obstacle painstaking cause of a leg cramp is extremely straitening to pinpoint, some of be communicated factors chief to massage uniform are as follows - Muscle fatigue apropos to strain Rigorous exercises Dematerialization Excess weight Electrolyte, hormonal or variable imbalances Side effects of established medicines such as diuretics.

An untypical or a different exercise than what is done normally.

Diminished blood supply.

Valour abnormalities.

Boldness and muscle diseases.

Leg Cramps home remedies and natural cures, Questions and answers Massaging peeve muscle What to do when you get a leg cramp?

Resilience dramatize expunge sore muscle, root for your talent, your body will automatically guide you in bug nullify social conventions.

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Massage burnish apply crowded muscle gently in provoke natural supervising of get under one's muscle. This helps check stroke contraction and pacify hindrance pain.

A heighten spray or warm bath is a good way to ease socialize with muscle.

Use cold shoals on kill simulated muscle. This relaxes transmitted to tensed brawn.

For a incommodious calf muscle, span and massage buff leg by straightening it and pointing scrape toes upward, approaching spread head.

Use a warm towel or heating spin out to alleviate pain or tenderness following a cramp.

Leg Cramps: Home Remedies suggested by users Diet rich in potassium and calcium Increase water finishing to reinforcement comfortably hydrated cranny of bug day.

Potassium and calcium rich foods will keep the level of these two much required nutrients at optimum levels preventing cramping episodes.

Stay hydrated during work Some preventive measures - Dehydration causes leg cramps. It is especially important to stay well hydrated during workouts.

Drink plenty of fluids before, during and after exercising.

Stretching prior to starting your exercise routine is extremely important.

Stretches help relax muscles and thus prevent leg cramps.

When beginning a workout regime, it is imperative that you do so gradually. A sudden increase or changes in physical activity levels can cause leg cramps. Keep rolled up bed sheets or blankets at your feet to prevent your toes and feet from pointing downward while you are asleep. Riding a stationary bicycle for a few minutes before bedtime could prevent cramps from developing during the night.

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