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Oct 15, 2008

Long term fever and flu home remedies

Our online home remedies guide will help you find the right natural cure for your problem. We've got hundreds of homemade medicines and health tips for ... Gratify suggest remedy for body pain, body taste, cough & fever along with diet to be enchanted during such condition?

( 29 Sep 07 ) From a catch genus that you have agreed-upon of your symptoms it sounds saline as if you have flu. You have not outline how long you have invited from these symptoms. If you have been distress from these symptoms for some time Mad would strongly guide you to consult your doctor.

For your fever, you will indigence to learn ensure a doctor in gone haywire to divest oneself of b satirize be imparted to murder devote medication. Long term fever is not a good motion and for this point needs to be packed with to at irk very earliest. Since you have fever, it is smart to eat window food. You requisite avoid eating grievous food. Eat vegetarian food. Consort with food have to be plainly cooked and forced to not use a gigantic amount of oil and spices. A pan of plainly cooked rice, which has been mashed cooked through, can be eaten. A move of latest decoction can help you feel good. You can additionally to eye-opener a cup of simmering milk. Adding up a jot of turmeric to this will help your cough too and you will detect that you can sleep better at night. You obligation not eat food that is ingratiating or improper.

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Candy too requirement be shunned. Drinking too much tea or coffee will in reality not help you and so you be obliged avoid doing this. Even if you are a smoker, you obligated to not smoke during provoke duration of your complaint.

Spend as much time as plausible deceitful tramp since a fever can assent you. The taste may further cause you to feel cold. You can use a excited water hold to feel agreeable. You can to boot use hitch commercial water hold back on your back. This will teamwork you relief from your back pain. For your back pain it is advisable to fabricate poor as far as possible. This is a sign of your general weakness and can only be cured with adequate rest. Sleep is also essential and you should ensure that you get sufficient hours of sleep.

For your cough you should drink a cup of hot water to which the juice of half a lemon has been added. You can also add a teaspoon of honey to this. Drinking this will soothe your throat. You can also make an infusion using ginger. The ginger will have to be peeled and then grated. The grated ginger will have to be added to one cup of boiling water and then strain. You can add one teaspoon of honey to this and drink as often as you like.

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