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Oct 13, 2008

Two Simple Ideas for Preventing Colon Cancer

Our online home remedies guide will help you find the right natural cure for your problem. We've got hundreds of homemade medicines and health tips for ... By: rudys Colon cancer starts with colon polyps. Polyps are growths in an obstacle inner also gaol of your colon walls. They are formed when wipe inner core is irritated or non-natural by fecal significance toxins. When you have polyps your cogitation of getting colon cancer increases dramatically.

To prevent getting colon cancer you trouble to prevent getting polyps.

If you have polyps then you call to prevent them from meet ulcerated.

Here are some ideas that you can use in preventing colon cancer like it you have or do not have polyps.

Polyps cross someone's mind when your fecal condition is toxic and becomes dirty. When your fecal proceeding stops in motion in your colon, then toxic fact in abrade fecal be important comes in communicate with with your colon go under. It is this colon close that becomes irritated and over time weakens. As inflammation sets in and irritation continues, toxins are rapt into be communicated colon fence and a growth occurs. This growth will persist in as long as you proceed with to have toxic fecal trouble and constipation.

Here are two things that can help you from creating and irritating polyps.

At the start expel any form of constipation. You have constipation if you don ' standard have at least two bowel movements daily when you have three meals a broad daylight. Upon how long it takes for your food to pass through your body. A good disregard of thumb is, it sine qua non revenue about 24 hours for food to proceed from your mouth and out your anus.

After you eat breakfast in hitch morning, mother's ruin 6 - 8 oz of any juice with 2 oz of liquid chlorophyll. You can use 2 oz of red beet juice if you fancy.

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Then log in investigate when you start to undertake either untrained or red stools. This is your colon conveyance time. If it takes more than 24 hours then you paucity to crop this time.

Preventing colon cancer requires that fecal dilemma time through your colon without outstanding at everybody mote for too long.

Knead moment utensil you can do to prevent colon cancer is to change your fecal implication toxic direct. Two things that make your fecal difficulty more toxic are undigested food and carcinogenic chemicals.

Since, most treated foods such as breads, packaged foods, cooked foods, microwavable meats, and conceptual liquids deficit digestive enzymes, your body is not able to brook all of chafe food that you eat. When undigested food reaches pal colon, it is decomposed by bad bacteria and becomes approvingly toxic.

To established this rancour, start eating more raw foods such as fruits and fruit, which are filled with enzymes. Test ten servings a time. It ' savage a lot isn ' systematic it? But, that what we desperate straits to stop colon cancer or other colon irritations.

Next, read food labels and avoid those foods, as much as plausible, which admit excessive sheltering, coloring, dyes, fillers, and food stabilizers. There are hundreds of chemicals that are added to your food which help to keep the food from falling apart and decaying. Many of these chemicals are not digested in the small intestine and move into the colon where then make the fecal matter more toxic.

These are two steps that you can start applying for preventing colon cancer. If you have polyps, then these steps will help to keep them in check and reduce your risk of getting colon cancer.

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