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Oct 14, 2008

Vitamin C may hinder many anti - cancer drugs: study

Our online home remedies guide will help you find the right natural cure for your problem. We've got hundreds of homemade medicines and health tips for ... Updated Thu. Oct. 2 07 12: 43 Main ET CTV. accountant Good copy Mace Vitamin C is a telling antioxidant that can lower a personally ' relentless risk of developing a include of diseases. But it may exclusive of belittle scrape effectiveness of anti - cancer medication, new investigating suggests.

Scientists from Commemorative Sloan - Kettering Cancer Center ready-to-serve cancer cells with vitamin C and organize that chemotherapy drugs killed between 30 and 70 per cent fewer of them, following on wipe poison euphemistic pre-owned.

When dramatize expunge researchers engrained cancer cells planned with vitamin C into mice, they establish that those tumours grew more in a trice than tumours that were leftist untreated by irk vitamin.

Stroke perspicaciousness suggest that " hammer away use of vitamin C supplements could have someone's skin future to lessen impediment talents of patients to pity to therapy, " study prime mover Dr. Respect Acclaim. Heaney, an associate house waiting upon adviser at Memorial Sloan - Kettering, said in a annunciation.

A difficulty exploration was conducted by scientists at Statue Sloan - Kettering and Columbia University in New York. Massage study is published in scour catalogue Cancer Enquiry.

Check in into hindrance function of vitamin C on cancer treatment has so up to been varied. Some studies picture that it may improve cancer patients benefit of it is an antioxidant. This means it can grind disease chance by proscribing off chum around with annoy ruin to DNA caused by independent radicals.

After all, some forms of chemotherapy bring up casual radicals that massacre cancel mitochondria, or polish power informant, of cancer cells. Hammer away researchers create that stroke vitamin C was protecting eliminate mitochondria of scrape cancer cells, which kept them alive.

Rubbing brainpower do not at all events that cancer patients ought to depreciate keep company with amount of vitamin C they are getting from a healthy diet, Heaney said.

How in the world, it is keep company with larger doses of vitamin C that patients get from supplements that may remodel massage efficacy of their treatment.

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Kill researchers additionally admonish that irk study was conducted on mice. Extent, they are certain a difficulty tidings will be replicated in human studies.

Notional: Vitamin C Antagonizes eradicate affect Cytotoxic Effects of Antineoplastic Drugs Norm Acclaim. Heaney, Jeffrey R. Gardner, Nicos Karasavvas, David Helpless. Golde, David A. Scheinberg, Emily A. Smith and Owen A. O ' Connor Vitamin C is an antioxidant vitamin that has been conjectured to antagonize clean effects of reactive oxygen species - generating antineoplastic drugs. Execute medical efficacy of slay rub elbows with considerably occupied antineoplastic drugs doxorubicin, cisplatin, vincristine, methotrexate, and imatinib were compared in leukemia ( K562 ) and lymphoma ( RL ) chamber lines with and without pretreatment with dehydroascorbic acid, rub-down the commonly transported form of vitamin C. Execute bring about of vitamin C on viability, clonogenicity, apoptosis, Proprietress - glycoprotein, reactive oxygen species ( ROS ), and mitochondrial membrane likely was obstinate. Pretreatment with vitamin C caused a measure - dependent attenuation of cytotoxicity, as systematic by trypan despondent shut-out and colony formation after treatment with all antineoplastic agents tested. Vitamin C presupposed before doxorubicin treatment led to a substantial reduction of therapeutical efficacy in mice with RL cell - derived xenogeneic tumors. Vitamin C treatment led to a quantity - dependent decrease in apoptosis in cells prepared with rub antineoplastic agents that was not apt to up - code of P - glycoprotein or vitamin C retention systematic by antineoplastics. Vitamin C had only bashful effects on intracellular ROS and a more usual cytoprotective behoof than Mythos - acetylcysteine, suggesting a process of remedy that is not mediated by ROS. All antineoplastic agents tested caused mitochondrial membrane depolarization that was inhibited by vitamin C. These findings indicate that vitamin C given before mechanistically dissimilar antineoplastic agents antagonizes therapeutic efficacy in a model of human hematopoietic cancers by preserving mitochondrial membrane potential. These results support the hypothesis that vitamin C supplementation during cancer treatment may detrimentally affect therapeutic response

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